Peju Bakare

when i finished doing pejus makeup, this girl said to me '' excuse me please, did you train with BMPRO, you know, Banke Meshida Lawal, because wow! your work looks soooo much like hers please give me your card i will call you! lollllll I probably should have just played along but i was on my way out and i guess i was quite shocked, so i just said '' I am Banke meshida Lawal :). It was her turn to express her shock at my weight loss next thing we knew we were talking Diet and excercise!!! what a day!

Tolu Odukoya.... Such pleasure we both had to finally be working together today. :). After months of randomly calling to confirm it was " me doing her makeup o, enhen"  it finally came to pass. She is uniquely colored, doesnt fall into the yellow or red skin tone group and as soon as i met her i was inspired in my heart. BMPRO Cappuccino saved the day as it was a perfect match to her skin. Makeup can indeed be strange because if one sees this product, one can dismiss it as being too pale. Like i believe, dont ditch it till uve tried it! For a transparent lipstick look, BMPRO Screamin red mixed with the flattering Sassy giving her full, pouty lips a deep orange finish.

Her greatest critic (we ALL need one!) he gave me the thumbs up. Scrutinizing her hairline and quietly taking everything in, he eventually said ''ur blending is good no masklike finish here''' Yaaayyyyy. I cant Imagine if he had said ''This is rubbish, go and wash your face you look like a clown! *Covering eyes* 

Perhaps friends of the same size, flock together! Everyone was able to rock the Oleku style nicely.....

Dami Anibaba.
We actually had a makeup trial where we decided we were going to use Burgundy on the lips. but on the day, it was so off, too colored and i just switched to a pale lip...... i think it looks better.....


Kene came in with a photo of how she d like to look. I must say i liked the look and since i got a thank you text afterwards, she liked it too :) Sadly i was unable to wait till she put on her dress before exiting the building. Damell was the photographer so i shall proceed to bug him for photos :)