I apologise for being silent online. Its been one hell of a roller coaster ride, filled with work, travel and all things beautiful. But here i am and if it takes weeks i promise i will upload every single photo i have taken.lol.
My Dearest Seun Ethel Cole got hitched on the 1st of December and it was the best reception party i attended this year!!!! I landed in hospital with fatigue (that was not a pleasant experience!) but it was well worth it. The only thing i regret is that i dont have a lot of pictures especially with me being a bridesmaid and being a bit under the weather :( it wasnt easy but i must say we managed to pull off an AMAZING PARTY for our Beautiful S>E>C. I left the party at 1am with Mr Lawal in tow and it was still rocking. We begged seun too to exit the building and go home to Pray , which she grudgingly did. :D   It was Collossal FUN!

Being a bridesmaid, instead of taking pictures pshhhhh.

The Coral Reef

L-r Lola Ashafa, me

She accused me of not taking her seriously when she came in to make her booking for her Coral Beads. Hmmmmm I already knew Wande would make a stunning bride so perhaps i didnt ask too many questions over the weeks. I also knew exactly what i was doing (in my head ) and when i replied her accusation with ''Wande please trust me, im not even doing a trial with you because it will not be the same on that day, and we have come this far!'' she let it go and just trusted me....She chose beautiful colors and her lace was a handcut Velvet which we matched with a very pale salmon Coral set from THE CORAL REEF . 1 jewellery fitting later all was set. I even accused Wande of not being herself on the day cos she was all smiley and reserved, enjoying being the centre of attaction. :)

The similarities between her and Seun Cole hasnt waned as they are still both as cute as ever with some
 A--MAZING spotless, even smooth skin.

i couldnt figure out how to rotate this or maybe im too lazy.....sorrry