Be happy! Everyone's eyes appear bright and sparkling when they are laughing, joking and smiling, so make the most of them and let your hair down and have fun. 

 Make sure you get enough sleep. If you don't, you will end up with puffy eyes and bags in the morning which will never make your eyes look attractive.

Wear appropriate eye makeup for your eye type. Try not to overdo it.

 Also, ensure that you are taking your eye makeup off correctly. Panda eyes from last nights eye makeup look awful, so make sure that before you go to sleep you remove your eye makeup using a makeup wipe and wash your face with facial wash until all of your makeup is removed.

 Eyebrows also play a key role in the look of your eyes. If you have out of control eyebrows, go and make an appointment with one of our BMPRO beauticians, as we will be able to give you a professional finish and we will know which shape of eyebrow is best for your eyes.

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Q: Should I have to worry about my lips after kissing ?
A: No, you shouldn't have to worry. Use BMPRO'S LONG LASTING LIPGLOSS.

Q:  Do I get a range of colors with BMPRO'S LONG LASTING LIPGLOSS ?
A:  Yes.

Quick Tip

Start applying lip gloss in the middle of your mouth and blend the lip gloss outward, stopping just short of the edge.  You will get best results when you a apply lip color with a lip brush.
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Don't suffer from scaly lips, a simple do-it-yourself trick will exfoliate them.
Step 1
 While having your daily shower, hold a warm, soft, damp washcloth firmly against your lips for at least 60 seconds, this provides extra hydration for your lips

Step 2
Mix a small amount of petroleum jelly or lip salve with white sugar to create a lip scrub and then place the scrub next to the shower. Use the scrub to exfoliate your lips while they are warm and moist. Dip your finger into the scrub and massage your lips, using gentle, circular motions to remove dry skin cells. Remove the scrub from your lips with a warm washcloth. Exfoliate your lips on the first day only because the scrub may cause mild irritation or make your lips slightly red. Use a lip scrub no more than once every week.

Step 3
Smooth a thin layer of petroleum jelly, over your lips to form a protective, watertight seal after every bath or shower and before bed. Reapply as needed throughout the day if your lips are dry or chapped. After just two days, your lips will be smooth and supple

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CHICAGO! Folake Sofowora

 Shortly after Anita and Pauls wedding in Portharcourt, Next stop Chicago!

                                                          Buky, Brides friend.

                                                    She preferred the Red Lip to the Pink so we switched it...BMPRO REDD to the rescue.

Walked into Sephora the day before and spent alllllll my money! some of the goodies... These Brushes are Amazing henn

She changed into these Micheal Corrs Flats afterwards ..

His n Hers..

During Makeup, a package came for Folake...


                                                          Hung out with Ronnie

                                                      Dance in......
                                                      the Skelewu Dance! Hilarious....

Madam Deinte Jewellery

Final Outfit change for the night