Mascara is arguably the most popular eye cosmetic used by a lot of women today as it is very effective in accentuating the natural beauty of the eyes, which is very helpful to people who have small eyes and scanty lashes. Mascara also works great to those who already have thick and long lashes. This eye makeup simply darkens, thickens, defines, curls, emphasizes and lengthens your natural eyelashes to complete the look that you wanted.If you want to wear just one item of makeup, it should be mascara. 


Eye Brow Pencil

Eyebrows are considered as what frames your face,brows can complement or mar your makeup! 
The right eyebrow pencil will even out the color of your brows and fill in the gaps in your brows.
Heavy sculpted brows would need shaping and a little pencil to define the eyebrows while 
light sculpted brow would need an average fill in.


If you're going to put on make up,you have to ensure what you're applying compliments your looks. There's no point in putting on make up if it's just going to ruin your pretty face.This will also help if you're still a make up novice!

Foundation helps cover uneven skin tones and keeps your make up in place for a longer period. Picking the proper color and formular for your skin type is very important too. Its advice-able to choose a color that's as close to your natural skin tone as possible and never try to darken your complexion with foundation, it will look very obvious. For oily skin, matte foundation is best and for dry skin try a hydrating formula. One last tip: It's a Myth to test foundation colors on the back of your hand. The best spot is actually along your jawline.


A cool way to help your locks breathe and grow, far away from weaves and wigs- Braids! 
Oyindas style is not too tightly matted( so her roots are not traumatised) and very Versatile in that she can leave it down or hold it up in a loose bun as she has done here.
A smokey eye hardly goes awry- replicate with BMPRO Black Ice -a sparkly jet black eyeshadow. 
Make sure to fill in brows and brush into place with BMPRO Brow fix gel in Auburn.
A bright pink lipstick BMPRO Elite 62 will pull the look together.
And as for the stylish dress she is wearing, once I find out from whose stables its from I will post....




I know the trend is in and its the easiest color to slap on and look hott instantly. But like all things that become common, its starting to wane on my radar. For me when a trend gets saturated I devise my escape --- absolutely refuse to be seen in it. But in this case my plan B has to be truly exceptional. So I am on a quest to find and Bring to you another hot lip color. What comes to mind is Fuscia!! Other "Hot" colors include Orange, Plum,Burgundy, Brown, Peach. Never one to have seen an amazing Blue, Green,Grey, Yellow Lipstick (well maybe I haven't looked hard enough- any one seen?) I'm open to ideas. What do you think? For now a move to Fuscia is very welcome till BMPRO  births those amazing Lip Colors....




She had natural hair, wasn't keen on putting in a perm. I have Natural hair and know how long it took to get to where my length I had to sort Mobola out. We decided on the style together and the gentle/ easy person she is let me know when she wasn't feeling what was going on. I suggested a braided part, she gently told me it was off...I had a plane to catch the morning of the wedding as well as another frantic Bride so I was working on a time schedule (mobola and I had gone over this timing many times..loll)   Fast forward to 2 days after her wedding I got this message from her ... "Everything went well. My Makeup (absoluteIy beautiful) I  looked superb. My husband loooooooved my hair. He was like ah, that Banke is talented. He doesn't even want me to take out my hair, he said he wants me to have on the hairstyle all the time.!!!! No regrets whatsoever,I'd marry my husband 20 times and over and will use BMPRO those 20 times and more too!. Even if it cost a million dollars, I'll go and look for the money, lolll. Thanks Banke and God Bless you. ;) I'm happy we didn't let her down because people like Mobola make me want to go on serving!!!

BMPRO Studio (Dolphin Estate Ikoyi) closed for the week...

BMPRO Studio (Dolphin Estate Ikoyi) closed for the week......... We worked all through the Year, Christmas Holidays, and first 2 weekends in 2012 were so busy I decided to send my girls home! So we are on holiday till Wednesday the 24th of January. Studio re opens on Wednesday the 25th. i on the other hand can not bear to be on holiday so i resume at the Ikeja Studio daily..... :). with the Orchid Bistro close by, life id

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Dolapo and i chatting "All things BMPRO" ...A Sunny sunday morning i had to dole up and do one of those things you never really gets used to ( being interviewed). I still clam up and get sweaty palms....When it airs, i hope it will make