She had natural hair, wasn't keen on putting in a perm. I have Natural hair and know how long it took to get to where my length I had to sort Mobola out. We decided on the style together and the gentle/ easy person she is let me know when she wasn't feeling what was going on. I suggested a braided part, she gently told me it was off...I had a plane to catch the morning of the wedding as well as another frantic Bride so I was working on a time schedule (mobola and I had gone over this timing many times..loll)   Fast forward to 2 days after her wedding I got this message from her ... "Everything went well. My Makeup (absoluteIy beautiful) I  looked superb. My husband loooooooved my hair. He was like ah, that Banke is talented. He doesn't even want me to take out my hair, he said he wants me to have on the hairstyle all the time.!!!! No regrets whatsoever,I'd marry my husband 20 times and over and will use BMPRO those 20 times and more too!. Even if it cost a million dollars, I'll go and look for the money, lolll. Thanks Banke and God Bless you. ;) I'm happy we didn't let her down because people like Mobola make me want to go on serving!!!