BmPro Pencil is a smoothly textured pencil for filling in or creating subtle, hair-like strokes creating beautiful balanced, perfectly natural-looking brows.
We exclusively use BM|PRO Eyebrow pencil in Light and Dark Brown Shades. Based on my own opinion, these colors are the most natural and the most universally flattering colors that u can ever use. The colors are not too dark and not too light, they’re just right. (I promise they won’t turn grey)
 Over the years, I have worked on women with different skin tones and I have reached a conclusion that the two colors I stated above are the ones that work well with their skin tone and their hair color.This product allows you to be versatile. You can define and soften eyebrows with a flick of a pencil. Just be cautious on the amount of pressure that you use.

If you are having trouble finding the right shade, come to the studio for a free Trial. I believe that BM|PRO has created the right eyebrow pencil that works for everyone.

U can’t afford to miss the best brow pencil that gives you a soft natural look….it sharpens easily and I've never had one break off in the sharpener (truly unique)!  It’s Excellent!