Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Its been ages and i feel like ive deserted you all... im so so sorry! ive been all over the place, sometimes without internet connection hence the silence from me. I apologize ** begging, and on my knees* loll.
A lot has happened and i shall definitely be posting soon.
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Sola Solarin


Sola Solarin.
Its been a very Long week, away from my computer and YOU! sorry my Ladies...ive had a rollercoaster one, photoshoots, weddings, makeovers and i made an absolutely Fantastic Makeup brand discovery!!!! i shall reveal it soon and bring you before and after images of work i did using this wonder product.... of course it will be in store soon at BMPRO so look out for it!
Even though Uduak is not exactly smiling, i skin is absolutely amazing i was in awe.....i had to post this pic. loll
I journeyed to Ibadan for Lola Jimohs wedding. She was such a calm bride it was refreshing! Heres wishing her a blessed marriage... Bisola Akinlabi and Tolu Kush- Thanks for making the journey fun too.
We had Mrs Sola Solarin in the studio too! she was visiting from Rhode Island and as it was her birthday that sunday she came in for a makeover! Happy Birthday again to her..

And to all my makeup Enthusiasts who have signed up for the BMPRO LOYALTY DISCOUNT CARDS i hope youre having fun with it, amassing the HUGE discounts come with it. If you havent picked one up........hmmmmmm.
Its going to be a beautiful week, heres wishing you all a Great One!!


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Wedding Day ..

 Titi Oyinsan

 Only thing Titi said to me was "Banke I like Dark Lips o! So I thot a rich wine would accentuate her very browny skin tone smoothened to perfection with our BMPRO Bridal Cream a few days before. I think titi knows exactly what flatters her in terms of colors (so no need to deviate) and she let me in on the secret....
I now know Damell loves the eye makeup shot! He told me to back off (literally) contorted himself, bent over and backwards, while he did a mini shoot during makeup. Lolll. Always a joy working with him and I can just imagine the rest of Titis Album. Thanks Dami for capturing the essence of my work, in Detail! :)))). We truly have great Talent in Photography on this side of the Pond...



 I was overjoyed when she requested we deviate from our normal "muted makeup look". I went for POW and played up the eyes but still kept things subtle with a caramel lip. Hope u like this look as much as I do? :)



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