Sale Event Today...

Its our Manager Lolas Birthday today( on my right) Happy Birthday Lola, Heres to Many More years! as she shares the same birth month with me, we are also celebrating today @ the Dolphin studio. As well as holding the MASSIVE 50% SALE ON MOST ITEMS!! 11AM-6PM. See you there!

The All New BMPRO MAKEUP has arrived and I am sooooooo excited! NEW EXCITING COLORS, TEXTURES, ITEMS. We changed our manufacturers as things were getting mundane for me so its a whole new re-branding of the BMPRO MAKEUP RANGE. Launch coming soon!
we had the first of many photoshoots with the Talented MoussaMoussa . here are just a few behind the scene images. You should see the finished photos!

Toyosi. Here is wishing you all the blessings marriage has to offer :)



She takes the cheese *wink*
a bit of drama as she got dressed but got out the door just in time! loll. We had planned the day since february and everything went as planned (and more...i cannot stop laughing!! sure her church will remember her for a loooooong time. May everything be Beautiful in your Home :)
I also used a Luxury Foundation for her (thats what ive chosen to call it due to the hefty price tag!!) amazing coverage, and ill be revealing this secret of mine soon.....



Absolutely left me to do my thing and i could have gone on and on if she didnt have to go get engaged! Her champagne beaded wrapper had licks of purple in it hence the purple under eye-BMPRO PowderLiner in Royal.
Heres to a Fabulous Life together!

                                                              KOPE BABALOLA
Hair by Eneh@BMPRO. Makeup by Tinuke@BMPRO
Another Happy Bride! Thank you for choosing BMPRO Kope, We Love you *Big Kiss*

                                                                     ADWOI ESSEL
Hair by Eneh@BMPRO. Makeup by Annabel@BMPRO

I was too happy to recieve this unclear image i had to post it by force*loll*
Hopefully Abi Photography will bless us with a clearer one. Off to Ghana they went and did what we love to do at BMPRO. Make our Brides happy. Proud of my team!!! 

Have a great rest of the week.........


One of our "retired Makeup Artists'' super talented Dance and Fitness Instructor Bunmi Olunloyo. The hard working owner of BAILAMOS DANCE COMPANY motivates me each time i see her toned arms and flat tum :) She recently had a TV appearance and came to me to give her that ever-so-slightly-made-up look. Nudes from the New BMPRO Makeup Samplers were used here. Much later in the day, she sent me this--''Banke thank you so much for today,you really made me beautiful. I have not applied powder once today only dabbed off sweat lolll. I really appreciate this. Thank you **Big Hugs* coming over tomorrow to pick up everything youve used! I cant believe how intact my face is!!!!!!'''' To which i BLUSHED and replied ''SHETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT'' ;)

Yesterday was Awesome! I had a photoshoot with my "Fashionable Friend Ezinne Chinkata and the Real MoussaMoussa. The images we came up with?? ABSOLUTELY FABULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL!!--(Im in HYPE-MODE loll) I had fun with my Models-Shamo,Kofo and Jite. The images are to be used to promote the New BMPRO Makeup line and as we've recieved the Samples, toying with them to come up with looks for you to try came to my mind. I promise you wont be disappointed. Our in-house Hair stylists (Deola and Toyosi also created interesting hair looks.  My able assistants strutted their stuff too-Tinuke, Anu and Bunmi(who continues to do my head in::patience ooo!!::
I cant wait to get them images and i hope they will inspire you to PUT YOUR FACE ON!
Juliet,the Artist behind the Okin Arewa Beauty Brand known for her gele style came by the store to visit us. Something big is brewing from her end *Excitedly Dancing*

And finally, BMPRO is opening at another Location close to you! We are still in set up mode but we are almost done! keep an eye on this joint!