Its our Manager Lolas Birthday today( on my right) Happy Birthday Lola, Heres to Many More years! as she shares the same birth month with me, we are also celebrating today @ the Dolphin studio. As well as holding the MASSIVE 50% SALE ON MOST ITEMS!! 11AM-6PM. See you there!

The All New BMPRO MAKEUP has arrived and I am sooooooo excited! NEW EXCITING COLORS, TEXTURES, ITEMS. We changed our manufacturers as things were getting mundane for me so its a whole new re-branding of the BMPRO MAKEUP RANGE. Launch coming soon!
we had the first of many photoshoots with the Talented MoussaMoussa . here are just a few behind the scene images. You should see the finished photos!

Toyosi. Here is wishing you all the blessings marriage has to offer :)



She takes the cheese *wink*
a bit of drama as she got dressed but got out the door just in time! loll. We had planned the day since february and everything went as planned (and more...i cannot stop laughing!! sure her church will remember her for a loooooong time. May everything be Beautiful in your Home :)
I also used a Luxury Foundation for her (thats what ive chosen to call it due to the hefty price tag!!) amazing coverage, and ill be revealing this secret of mine soon.....