The first necklace Pretty and Delicate as it looked wasnt "big'' enough for the brides first appearance. So Solas sisters and I decided to beg her to change into the coral piece she had selected for the 2nd outfit. it was a hard process cos she was emotionally attached to the butterfly piece...after begging and pleading and promising to help her put it on personally for the 2nd outfit, she obliged.

the more ''gengen'' Sola.... lol



I first met her years ago when she organised an event for her company. made her up then and i guess i made a lasting impression that day :). Very gentle and soft spoken , she endears people to her( even when she cancelled our artist for her pre wedding photoshoot due to the prodding of the photographer!) i didnt get upset... She let me do my thing throughout. I even suggested we try another lip color which was not quite flattering, just said '' Banke whatever you decide, do''
 We were headed in the direction of BMPRO Longlasting lipgloss in REDD. Once i used that, we were home..... I also used the  BMPRO Luxury Concealer in Caramel. Its a yellow based oil free concealer. It blended so well i was almost tempted to apply it all over her face, just that she has almost perfect skin so no need for that!