I met Meena years ago when i held a makeup workshop in London. I noticed her ''fiiiine features"" and even though that day all we did was talk and discuss makeup, it stuck with me what a pretty girl she was. Fast forward 4 years and she called to say she was getting married to Hakeem Shagaya. :). She knew she wanted something pretty and not too colored so after a brief consult we both Knewwhere we were headed. Eneh styled her hair in a top knot (pity the veil has covered the bun!) while i did a slightly bold eye over pale lips. Of course she is wearing BMPRO OILFREE FOUNDATION in HAZELNUT mixed with BMPRO FOUNDATION PRIMER FOR OILY SKIN.

Maryam the Co-ordinator. lol.

Hakeems Suit color makes wearing a Blue Suit look Effortless and Enticing.... The color is quite flattering to his skin tone. A word of Advice to people who want to follow suit... pls make sure that the shade of blue you choose will flatter your skin tone (Hakeem probably worked with a stylist who did a color analysis) and of course any errors your tailor makes will be veeeery visible so i advice that only the best ITALIAN SUIT MAKERS are commissioned... also remember that its safer to just wear a dark grey suit>>>


Nurah wanted a barely there makeup look, it took us an hour but we achieved it. :)


She was doing portraits with her new daughter and wanted something she could wear with all the different outfits chosen. I think this look works and i cant wait to see the great PHILAMENs Photographs. For those who know Phillip, i am sure they agree when i say he is great, especially in Theatrics!! LOL.