MYTH – To find your perfect foundation color, match it to your cheek, forehead, hand or wrist.

REALITY CHECK- Foundation MUST match your neck …and chest if you’re wearing a low neckline or a strapless top.  Due to exposure and environmental stress, the skin on our face tends to be slightly different in color (depth or tone), and does not always match the rest of our body.  A successful choice in foundation means the two colors must be matched perfectly so the face makeup looks seamless against the adjoining exposed areas of the body which are not made up. The best place to test for the correct foundation color is on the chin or jawline to see how well it matches the neck directly below it.

MYTH – Mineral makeup is better/safer because minerals are natural.

REALITY CHECK - Guess what …ALL makeup is made of minerals.  Mineral pigments are what give makeup products their color. What many people don’t know is that a mineral makeup might contain other ingredients harmful to sensitive skin and can even cause acne.  It’s important to read ingredient listings carefully if you have an existing skin condition …because even mineral makeup advertised as “good for you” can end up being bad for you.

MYTH – Use a concealer one shade lighter than your foundation to disguise under-eye darkness.

REALITY CHECK – A lighter color will accentuate the darkness and possibly make it look even worse.  Your concealer should match your skin-tone exactly to disguise under-eye darkness effectively.  

MYTH – Use makeup to contour the shape of your face (nose, cheeks, chin, etc.).

REALITY CHECK – Up close and in person at a business or social event, people can tell when you’ve overdone the ‘corrective’ shading.  If you don’t do it carefully and completely blend highlight and contour you’ll look like you have stripes on your face. Also remember that bronzer and blush are NOT appropriate contour products.  BMPRO makes a special Kit that has realistic shading and highlight colors in an easy to use  formula.

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