Most of us know that first impressions count. But now it seems that you can change people's perceptions just by choosing the right foundation.
Some neuroscientist believe that imperfections can distract the brain, with the result that people with less than flawless skin are ranked lower on the social scale than they otherwise might be.
What's more, make-up can also help boost your chances of success in everything from career to love.

According to scientist, the links between make-up, appearance and the way people perceive others, the 'social triangle' - the area from the eyes down to the mouth is key to success.
'If the brain is distracted by imperfections [such as spots], it processes less and so has a weaker social assessment of the person it is looking at.'
Some scientist believe that those who wore make-up were seen as more likable, trustworthy, attractive and competent.

Even those with thick make-up, although considered less trustworthy, were still thought to be more attractive and competent than those wearing nothing at all.
Bad make-up just looks terrible and can be a hindrance: poorly applied and matched foundation or false eyelashes worn to the office, for example, is too much of a distraction.'

The solution? Keep it light & don't forget to save make-up free days for the weekend

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