Never over-scrub:
 Sure, your exfoliating products all say “use daily” and some even suggest twice daily, but don’t believe everything they say. The cold, hard clinical fact is that too much scrubbing will actually slow down your cell turnover as your skin tries to protect itself. Slow cell turnover means faster signs of aging, dull looking skin and skin that will be more prone to break out from dead skin cell build up.

Groom your brows: 
They say your eyes are the window to your soul, so let your eyebrows be your window treatments!! No makeup look is complete without the final framing, and filling in of the eyebrows. Cleaning up stray hairs and filling in your brows creates a polished look.

Get a monthly facial:
Without proper cleaning and exfoliation, you are really just applying your products to layers of dead skin cells. These professional treatments help reduce wrinkles and scarring, plus they help to brighten, increase elasticity, clean pores and smooth skin.

Have a great holiday!