Mistake No. 1: Wearing the wrong foundation shade.
Foundation is supposed to create a perfect, smooth complexion and cover-up any imperfections. This is why you should always use a foundation which blends in with your skin test it on your jawline (not your hand!) before buying, and when possible, ask for a sample first. That way you can try it at home and look at your skin in various lighting situations, to make sure the shade you choose looks natural.

Mistake No. 2: Applying makeup on dry, flaky skin.

The results of slathering on foundation over chapped skin is terrible and we have to agree. Foundation will only emphasize the flakes by sitting on top of them instead of blending in with your skin. Fix the dryness by exfoliating regularly (to get rid of flakes) and following that up with a rich moisturizer. Smoother skin means a much smoother application and finished look.

Mistake No. 3:Trying to "plump" your lips
You've probably heard, or tried, the trick of lining just outside your natural lip line to make your lips look bigger. But it's way easier said than done. One wrong move and you'll end up looking awkward. If you are going to attempt it, you can use a lip liner the same shade as your lipstick on the outer line of your lips, without passing over it. Fill in your lips as well, that way if your lipstick fades, you don't wind up with only a line around your mouth.

Have a fun filled day.