1. Fix Dried Mascara:

You bought an expensive mascara and unknowingly left it out. Soon after you have realized that, it turned dry and clumped. What would you do?
Now, you can save your mascara by taking your contact lens solution and add good 5 drops of the liquid to the mascara bottle. By doing this, the dry formula melts well to revive the formula.

Please remember not to take a lot of contact solution, as it might create too much of greasiness and liquid to the mascara formula. Thereby, you might notice your mascara running, fading and creasing faster on your eyelids. Now, close the cap of the mascara back. The soft and moist formula of the contact lens solution will help in adding some moisture to the dried mascara.

2. Fix Flaky Eye Liner:

Not able to achieve a thin, precise and neat eyeliner look? The formula might have dried out and turned flaky.

Simply revive it by adding 3 drops of contact lens solution to the liquid eyeliner. Mix it gently and you will have moist, fresh and creamy formula which will spread evenly on your eyes.

3. Make Your Own Colored Eye Liners:

Love applying different colored eye liners, but does your tight budget stop you from trying new things? Then, this makeup hack will blow your mind.

Simply mix your favorite eyeshadow color with some contact lens solution in a clean container. There you will have an amazing, intense and bright colored liquid eyeliner. Green, pink, blue to black can turn any eyeshadow into eyeliner instantly! The most amazing thing about this tip is that you can even use your waste broken eyeshadow in making your eye liner.

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