1. Dull tools
“More often than not people use a dull tool. That means you won’t be creating a clean, perfected line  when your sweep across with your pencil.

 Simply keep a pencil sharpener in your bag and make a habit of sharpening your pencil as need be.

2. Not removing all of your eyeliner
  We use eyeliner to rim the inside and outside of our lash lines,
“Removing all type of eye makeup can sometimes be challenging.”   But making sure you remove all   that makeup and liner residue is extremely important.

- “Apply makeup remover on a cotton pad and place directly over your eye. Hold for 5-10 seconds allowing the remover to absorbs into makeup before wiping. Repeat this step 2-3 times depending on the intensity of your eye makeup.”

3. Eyeliner gaps
“Mascara isn't the only product you should apply starting at the root of your lashes, be sure to do this with your eyeliner as well. Otherwise you could end up with a slight gap between your lashes and the liner – especially fair women.