Before you start
To prevent powder from adhering too thickly to your the skin, first make sure that your foundation and concealer are applied evenly and not heavily,
If you tend to have oily skin or conspicuous pores, apply face powder after tissueing off oil from these areas.

Using Powder Puff
Apply a generous amount of face powder onto the puff.
First, lightly apply powder on your face, while being careful not to smudge the foundation applied beforehand. Then, gradually press on more firmly.
For smaller or narrow areas such as around the eyes or the nose, fold the puff in half and carefully apply powder.
An easy gauge for checking whether you've used the right amount of powder is to feel your cheek with the back of your hand. It should feel smooth and dry. After this, use your puff or finishing brush to dust off any excess powder.
Using Powder Brush
Select a larger-sized brush for applying the face powder.
Place a generous amount of face powder on the brush, tapping off any excess powder. Apply the powder starting from the front of the face where you want to have the makeup last longer, such as the cheeks, the forehead, and around the nose. Then, spread powder back towards the outer edges of the face. By brushing carefully with the brush adhering close to the skin, you will achieve a natural finish with a healthy glow.
If you have dry skin:
Apply powder after making sure that your foundation has been spread evenly. But be careful to powder especially lightly around the eyes, or on areas where you feel are dry. Then brush off any excess powder.
If you have oily skin:

Layer on extra powder at your T-zone, or anywhere else on the face where your skin tends to be oily

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