Before putting on a lip gloss, apply a light film of Chapstick or lip balm. It moisturizes and nourishes the lips, keeping them naturally rosy. Apart from protecting and healing, Chapstick also helps the lip color to set more effectively.
The best way to get a lasting effect of lip gloss would be to first, apply a lipstick to your lips and then, blot off the extra color using the tissue paper. Later, apply a thin layer of lip powder on them and apply a second coat of color. Complete the look, by applying lip gloss to make your lips look shinier than ever.
To tone down the shine, take a tissue paper and put it against on lips and press little loose powder through it. Only a bit of it will get sifted through it and will instantly reduce the shiny effect.
In case you are performing for a stage show and are required to radiate an extremely glamorous look, go for lip lacquer. It will give a greater shine to your lips.
To give a fuller look, direct the lip-gloss to the center of the mouth. Apply the gloss in short strokes, until the natural line of your lips has been filled.
For women who use matte lipsticks, you can avoid it from drying and flaking, by using a lip primer or color fixative, before application.
Special effects and highlights can be achieved, by using sheer silver, gold or iridescent lip gloss over lip color. This would be great for an evening wet look.
It is recommended to use creamy lipsticks for daily purpose. This would help to keep the lips moisturized. For adding an intense wet look, apply lip gloss to transform your makeup from matte daytime look to glossy night party look.

Women with thick lips are advised to use lip gloss very sparingly, as it would make your lips look all the more fuller.

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