1)Enlist the help of regular facial treatments. While your at-home regimen is vital for daily maintenance of your skin's brightness, you can get a really big boost from chemical peels and microdermabrasion, A series of microdermabrasion does wonders for scars and dull-looking skin. For a more aggressive approach  BMpro's papaya cream  can be very effective. 

2. Use a vitamin C-infused serum. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen (leading to fine lines and wrinkles). Boost your glow with the use of a vitamin C-rich product, and let this antioxidant help stimulate collagen production. Increasing the levels of this protein in the skin will help make your skin appear more supple and youthful.

3. Exfoliate regularly. Reveal new, fresh skin cells for a more luminescent complexion by scrubbing regularly. The surface layer of dead skin cells won’t have a chance to build up and create that dull look. No matter what your skin type, you can benefit from exfoliating, but you must be sure to use the right kind. 

4. Brush your skin bright. Over time, some of your vices such as a poor diet, drinking, and smoking can deplete your glow factor. While working towards improving your lifestyle habits is always recommended, when it comes to your skin, you can improve the look of your skin with tools such as cleansing brushes.

5. Wear sunscreen daily. The sun's UV rays are a major cause of pigmentation. And once pigment sets in, you no longer look bright and glowing. While you can get laser treatments to help deal with pigmentation, be proactive with your skin care and wear an SPF of at least 30 daily to protect your skin.

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