Upon starting your makeup, you will need to apply the foundation first. If you apply concealer first, you run the risk of wiping it all off or blending it in the wrong areas when you put the foundation on. This also goes for moisturizers, that which can be mixed in liquid or cream foundations or underneath of a powder foundation for a pressed, beautiful matte finish. It is very important to apply moisturizer when using concealer, it serves as a good setting and holds it onto the face for longer. You will have a lasting look that is sure to please!

When most people apply concealer, they use a half moon circular motion underneath the eye and then rub. This is an absolute makeup application faux-pas. When applying it, you will want to use a downward triangular motion. It is suggested that a small bristle brush, something light, be used to blend in lines underneath of the eye to completely cover the area and to provide to dimension. It conceals dark circles and instantly creates the illusion that your face is lifted.

Concealer also works as an excellent eye shadow primer, so apply some against the eye lid. Upon grooming your eyebrows, after filling them in or trimming them, you can also apply concealer against the angle of your brow with an angled brush and underneath to give it some beautiful shape.

When concealing a blemish, cover the area with a green concealer before using a concealer that matches your skin tone. The green concealer will cancel out the redness of the blemish, and then the skin tone shade will be more effective in disappearing it.


If at any time you do not have a concealer, apply a small amount of foundation and allow three to five minutes for it to set and lightly blend it out. Do not blend too soon or it will rub off and leave you with very little coverage.

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