Head, shoulders, knees, and toes are all easy to find. But the location of your cheekbones can be a bit more difficult to find, "Sweep the product along the general cheek region" is something no makeup artist says ever. Knowing exactly how to highlight your cheekbones is essential to any beauty regimen — a little contour underneath can streamline a face, a little too much allover and you'll look overdone.
Below are 3 steps for you to identify your cheekbones so you know exactly where to apply bronzer, blush, contour, and highlighter.

Step 1: Take a brush and draw it from the outside corner of your mouth to your earlobe. This is where your cheekbone begins.

Step 2: Now take the same principle from the first step and draw the brush to the fleshy part right above the earlobe. This is where your cheekbone ends.

Step 3: Now, a map on where to apply bronzer, blusher, contour, and luminizer (not necessarily all at once): Contour goes slightly underneath your cheekbones. Bronzer goes in the hollow of your cheekbones, slightly above where you would place contour (if you choose to use it). Blush goes in the apples of the cheeks, the sections that goes up when you smile for an instant brightening effect.

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