1. Get your moisture game on lock. Long wear products can be drying so make sure when your NOT wearing your lip color to keep those babies hydrated and happy. Look for balms without alcohol but WITH shea butter.

2. Exfoliate your lips before applying anything to remove dead skin.

3. Try a lip primer underneath your favorite product. You can even put this under your lip liner for extra holding power.

4. Apply a lip liner pencil to the entire lip surface and then your lipstick.

5. Purchase products with "long wear" or "long lasting" on the label.

6. Invest in a lip stain for a more subtle, natural look. These leave color on the lips even when the product itself wears off.

7. Matte lipstick has the most staying power. But, if you want to wear a gloss, choose one that is a little on the sticky side. If it glides to easily once on the lips it wont stay on them very long. You can tell how sticky it is by rubbing your lips together with the product on. If its hard to mush your lips, then you're golden. The stickier the product the longer it will stay on.

8. Bring your lip color with you. Reapply as needed!

9. Commit. Don't lick your lips. Or, you know, try your best not to.

10. Use a straw.

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