1. Foundation

The most important thing when it comes to girls with fair skin and foundation is the following – never try to give yourself a darker skin tone with foundation. Girls usually make the same mistake when doing this. They forget to apply foundation to their neck and jaw line. The line between your face and your neck is then very visible and everyone can see that your skin is lighter than what you’re trying to show.
Even if you apply your foundation perfectly, the color of your eyes and hair will give you out. Choose a foundation that is closest to your natural skin tone. 

 2. Eye

Not everything needs to be as fair as your skin is – your eyes will look great with a couple of different combinations. Sure, fair colors for eye shadow apply here as well – gentle beige and skin tones will be just fine. On the other hand, earthy colors, like soft browns and greens will also look good, just as pastel colors will.
When it comes to eyeliner, you can use basically any color, as long as it goes well with the color of your eyeshadow. For a dramatic look choose black eyeliner and for an everyday look, you can even use white. Mascara should rather be brown than black.

3. Lips

You will hear from a lot of people how ladies with fair complexion should never wear red lipstick. I personally do not agree with that. There are occasions and styles when you can wear red lipstick with no worries.
However, lipsticks that are close to the tone of your lips will be the best. Clear lip gloss is perfect, as well as light pinkish ones. Orange might not be the best idea, but lighter shades of brown could be good if well combined with the rest of the makeup. Avoid really dark red colors, unless you’re looking for a vampire look.


4. Cheeks

When it comes to applying blush on fair skin, the best guess might be not to apply it at all. Anything that is too striking will look really bad, so you absolutely need to be sure that you know how to apply blush perfectly. The blush should be pale pink, barely visible. Orange or bronze tones are an absolute no-no.
The general rule for makeup for fair complexion is that it should look as natural as possible. Natural colors and light pinkish tones are your best choice. Don’t try to hide the natural tone of your skin with makeup. There’s nothing to hide in the first place and you might end up looking ridiculous.