If you feel that your eyebrows are not in the desired shape and you want to enhance their shape but don’t have enough time to visit a beauty parlor,there's a DIY idea for you to get the shapely eyebrows 
Skimpy eyebrows can be easily dealt with eyebrow stencils. 
Shaping eyebrows: For shaping your eyebrows follow these simple tips:
Choose a stencil which has a similar shape like that of your eyebrows.
Ensure that your stencil is placed properly in a natural position.
Trace the shape of the stencil on your brow and remove the excessive hair from outside the outline with the help of tweezers.Continue removing the hair till you reach a well defined shape. Finally, rub an alcohol soaked cotton ball on the area to disinfect it. You can also apply an ice pack, if you feel any kind of discomfort there.