If something embarrassing happens -- such as your dress catching on your heel -- try to maintain a calm demeanour. Accidents happen. It only becomes embarrassing when you make it look embarrassing.

Keep your perfume in the refrigerator. These products are both light- and temperature-sensitive, and the fridge is probably the only place in your house that has a constant temperature.

The shape of the nail should neither be square or oval. The shape that has caught the fantasy of fashion gurus is ’squoval’ - longish, with straight edges and rounded tips!

If you do a lot of walking in pointy shoes or stilettos, check your toenails regularly for signs of stress or trauma. Symptoms: Discoloration, red hemorrhage lines under toenails, loosening or thickening of the nail, or a pain sensation.

Take multi-vitamins, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and you’ll probably notice other benefits too, like reduced blood pressure and lower body fat.

The simplest, non-fussy way to get hair to roll properly is to first spritz dry hair with a styling spray, then use a medium curling iron to curl two-inch sections of hair. Finally, roll the hair in Velcro rollers. The new curl simply takes best to Velcro.

To prevent eye movement while applying mascara, look up and then stretch eye by pushing the eyebrow with finger. Then look down and apply mascara on top lashes.

Putting eye shadow on your brow bone is too much. Put colour up to your brow bone, but stay away from the brow bone itself.