Wow magazine has never failed in amazing us with their latest issues, guess they don’t call them WOW!for nothing.This issue tagged ‘catwalk queens’ features some of the hottest female models in nigeria including Isio Wanogho, Doyin Haastrup, Marcia Okhai, Anthony Bukola, Banke Olutimehin, Shola Duromola and Opeyemi Awoyemi and Chika Emmanuel(winner of elite model competition) WOW!!! I’m so loving it!

Cover Shoot
Photography – Kelechi Amadi-Obi
Styling – Ezinne Chinkata
Make-Up – Banke Meshida Lawal for BM|Pro
Hair – Ola
The Darkness Within Shoot
Photography – Patrick Alistair Englebert
Stylist – Bubbai
Assistants – Ian Audifferen & Noble Ezeala
Make-Up – David of MUD
Model – Eniola Falase
International Fashion Shoot – Bluloft
The Craft of Fashion Shoot
Photography – Kola Oshalusi
Styling – Ezinne Chinkata
Make-Up – MaryJane for Zaron

9 BAD HABITS That Stands Between You and Great Skin:

*              Touching your face throughout the day: This habit is one of the major sources of breakout and rashes.
*              Wearing oil-based makeup and moisturizers: These formulas tend to clog your pores.
*              Sleeping with makeup: Make sure your skin sure is super-clean overnight so that it benefits from your body’s natural restorative work while you sleep.
*              Using grease pomades and oily hair sprays-these can run onto the face and cause breakouts.
*              Drinking too little water-dehydrated skin is dull,so drink 8 to 10 eight-ounce glasses of water a day to hydrate skin and flush out impurities.
*              Skipping the sunblock-wear it any time you’re outdoors, even on cloudy days.
*              Stressing out-stress causes worry and frown lines, and it produces hormones that wreak havoc on your skin
*              Not eating several servings of fruits and vegetable each day-they are the best natural source of vitamin and antioxidants, which protects skin cells by neutralizing damaging and ageing free radicals.
Diagnosing and treating breakouts and rashes yourself: Always see a  dermatologist at the on set of any irritation to prevent further eruptions. Finally use BMPRO ANTI SHINE SERUM when applying your make up click HERE to find out more


Do you know that you can work in a scorching environment and still look Fabulous with BM|PRO ANTISHINE SERUM?
What’s Anti-shine? 
Anti-shine serums basically act like a barrier between your skin and your make-up. It creates that blank canvas on your skin so that the make-up application would be smoother and best of all, last longer. Some serums also help to smooth out fine lines and minimize any facial pores.
We’ve got the perfect Solution for Oily Faces


                                            Alero Rone-Orugbo

                                                       Hajiya Bola Shagaya M.O.N
                                                                     Buky Tijani.
                                Fola Bisiriyu-- Hair by Eneh@ BMPRO Hair
                                                               Mrs Ibru

                     Raffy                                 Tola Okunsanya nee Oyeleke

Ive had such an interesting 2 weeks!! sort of a mini rollercoaster ride. though its been a lot of work, and sometimes i dont know where the strength comes from, I look back and cant remember the pain and stress. im only glad i was a part of the special day of these beautiful darlings!!! Thursday April 5th I did Nkechis makeup. Dami couldnt follow me to Dubai for Tola Oyeleke (now Okusanya) which made me quite sad as Dami is the best assistant Ever! she makes my life easy, knows what makeup item i am thinking of using even before i belt it out to her...sadly she waved me goodbye at the airport. i was on my own till i saw ayo and ayeesha (on their way to dubby as well) at the airport .


BmPro Pencil is a smoothly textured pencil for filling in or creating subtle, hair-like strokes creating beautiful balanced, perfectly natural-looking brows.
We exclusively use BM|PRO Eyebrow pencil in Light and Dark Brown Shades. Based on my own opinion, these colors are the most natural and the most universally flattering colors that u can ever use. The colors are not too dark and not too light, they’re just right. (I promise they won’t turn grey)
 Over the years, I have worked on women with different skin tones and I have reached a conclusion that the two colors I stated above are the ones that work well with their skin tone and their hair color.This product allows you to be versatile. You can define and soften eyebrows with a flick of a pencil. Just be cautious on the amount of pressure that you use.

If you are having trouble finding the right shade, come to the studio for a free Trial. I believe that BM|PRO has created the right eyebrow pencil that works for everyone.

U can’t afford to miss the best brow pencil that gives you a soft natural look….it sharpens easily and I've never had one break off in the sharpener (truly unique)!  It’s Excellent!


Apply a coat of clear mascara to lashes before using your colored mascara. This really helps to extend and separate lashes before you even start and really helps thicken sparse lashes. 
Whenever I want to achieve an extra dramatic look,  all I do is take the mascara wand and tilt it      outward as I apply so that my lashes slant out, creating a "fringe" effect. It's just a little trick, but it makes a big difference for me.Lastly, while black and brown mascara are versatile options, color mascara is an excellent choice for those who love experimentation and funky eye makeup looks. Colored mascara will perk up your overall style. So, don’t be afraid to use them and get ready to bring some spice in 
your makeup and in your life!


Colored mascara is one of the hottest trends and everyone is going crazy about it. Not only can colored mascara enhance and highlight your own eye color, it can also provide a theatrical edge to your makeup palette. In fact, colored mascara is whimsical, fun and unexpected.

They add intrigue and mystique to the other eye colors you apply or can also be great when used alone. There are so many interesting new colors in the market today to choose from such as green, teal, pink, purple, blue, and many other colors.

When it comes to colored mascara, the most popular option is the blue mascara. Blue mascaras make big promises. In this category you can find various shades such as classic cooler blue, aquamarine blue, bright blue, dark blue, navy blue, sky blue, electric blue, electric blue, regal turquoise peacock blue and so on. 

For bold look, use your favorite colored mascara both on the top and bottom lid. But here you need to bear in mind that you go for a single coat only. Also colored mascaras don’t usually add much volume.For an out of this world look, you can use your traditional black or brown mascara on your top lashes and colored mascara on your bottom lashes.

Applying Eyeliner and Eyeliner Styles

There are many ways on how to apply eye liner. It could be a simple line on the top of your lid or just an even stroke on the bottom lid. Most of the techniques have to do with your eye shape and preference.You may want to make your line a little more dramatic by using brightly colored eye pencils or liquid liners. There are also many styles in eyeliner such as the famous Cat Eye and Winged Eyeliner.

The whole purpose of eye liner is to define your eyes. Most times, white or any other light colored pencil helps to create illusion that your eyes are bigger when they are actually small. It can be a little difficult to the inexperienced when applying eyeliner. But the best advice we can share is practice!

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