ANITA. Shades of wine and plum for her makeup..

                                              Her white Coral was exquisite. It ws my first time seeing white coral and i had to touch it many times in appreciation. luv it!
Lola. Coral Reef had to make this Teal crystals in 2 days! i was away in London when i recieved the SOS call  from lola. I knew she had to have the rare crystal we had in our trunk and when i suggested it she said ''banke, i trust you, pls just do whatever!! at this point i have no choice! I was pleased when i eventually saw the ensemble and the necklace complemented it too. :)

                                                              Susan Peters


                                                    Anitas 2nd Outfit. It was a debate between wearing this Coral Reef Necklace we made in 2 days or the traditional regal beads...hmmm

Yinka Fowora...

Aso Ebi Merchant...She it was that got the fabrics for Anitas Aso-Ebi

First time doing Susans Makeup .. Amazing how one can look totally different with makeup and Gele. Oh how i love our traditional attires! She felt like the Belle of the Ball....

                                                  The traditional Beads were a better choice and we promptly let rest the Coral reef Red Set of Corals......

3rd and Final look. Hair by Josh @ Joseph Mesrob Salon, Raddisson Blue.