ENGAGEMENT. Photos by Seyi Charles George.

Seyi and Yomi Williams

WEDDING. DUBAI. Photos by meeeeee :)

                                                    Au Naturelle, with beige tones. Hair and Makeup by me.

                                                       One of my favourite Images of Seyi .

Her petal detailed dress was so beautiful. 

Seun. Chief Bridesmaid ....


                                                   Dupsiloo! We had so much fun laughing that morning as Dupe was about to be removed from the bridal party. Feeling like a pro Launderette she proceeded to Iron her dress! You know when you burn your dress yourself with no one to pass the blame on, as  the dress had the melted holes of the iron plate....lol. We convinced her to wear it like that, and she listened to us, citing that as she is not the focus of the party no one cared wether she wore shreds or otherwise. in the event that someone noticed they can either look alarmed at the burn or ask her how it happened, to which she can explain... and shell be forever sad if she missed being part of Seyis Bridesmaids!......