Red can be intimidating, but red doesn’t mean a full siren mouth. Here is a quick and easy guide to the rules of wearing red.

1) There isn’t ONE perfect shade of red for every woman – There are so many gorgeous shades suitable for every skin tone. The objective is to try on as many as possible and look in the mirror, which shade makes you look brighter, fresher, more radiant.

2) Never wear red with heavy makeup – When wearing red the rest of our makeup pallet should be understated and super-casual. The quickest way to add age to your appearance is to wear heavy makeup.

3) It’s okay to dump the matching lip pencil – a more modern approach to wearing red is to build color by using a lip brush or your finger tip.

4) Keep your options open - Sometimes the texture of a red lipstick can be intimidating, there are many new formulations of red, there are glosses, stains, tints, glazes, matte, sheer and shimmers.

5) Remove the thoughts of associating red lips with sexual connotations – red lipstick is the quickest youth giving, skin-illuminating, eye brightening beauty trick around.

From city girl in red lipstick

Hope you learnt a trick or two today,please look out for the new BMPRO RED, Coming really soon...