1. Stay away from the tanning bed. The rays can damage your skin and make it look older. Worse, they can increase your risk of getting skin cancer. If you need to tan, get one out of a tube.

2. Use a gentle soap like Dove for acne prone skin. It makes your skin a lot less oily because its PH balance

3. Mix one teaspoon of glycerine in two teaspoons of lemon juice and rose water. Apply on face, neck, rough elbows, and knees. Excellent for softening the skin and keeping it free of dryness.

4. If you have freckled skin, massage your face with olive oil and lemon juice. And use a scrub and gently but firmly clean your face in circular motion. Avoid thick foundations.


5. For a deep, moisturizing skin treatment apply olive oil to your skin once a week. Let it soak in while you take a steamy shower, and blot out the excess with a tissue.

6. Coconut oil is one of the great components that not just moisturize your skin but also act as an effective antioxidant and prevents pre-matured ageing. It also keeps the hair strong and shiny if massaged through for good results.